This is a complex topic to discuss. For one reason, video has many components that make it a memorable experience. Did your attention get captured in the moment because of the camera angle, background music, or did it strike up an emotion from one of your memories that is precious to only you?

To be truthful it is all the above, we can begin capturing great footage but with out the right cuts and ambiance music and universal language you can lose your core message, and that is what I make sure we are focused and on track to reach. We have to look at all the angles that your audience will view and understand so that they do not misinterpret your message. What are they feeling, who are they sharing your media with, and how much of an impact will your message make in there life.

My years of filming clients has lead me to ask this…

Why is this important to you? your audience? family? friends? and new acquaintances? clients? and community?

If you can answer these questions then we are ready to proceed to the next step – Story boarding, and location scouting, and lets get a contract signed today!

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