www.icookonyachts.com highlights the best of Chef Adam Glick's
culinary skills, gourmet cuisine, and worldly travels.

The client was provided a custom logo, letterhead, business card design, e-mail service, and print portfolio.

Β Coding Technology - PHP, Javascript, CSS, & HTML

www.icookonyachts.com was an opportunity to work with a fair amount of white space, per the client's request. The viewer can then focus on each dish and the composition of the ingredients.

Adam's goal is to bring his wealth of experience into every dish he creates for his customers. His website is user friendly with amenities such as an automatic scroll on his bio page.

The Contact page has a custom form for quick response, and automatic subject titling once the e-mail tag is clicked.

www.icookonyachts.com has viral video marketing needed to keep the user on the website without bouncing to Youtube.

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