Smoked Hickory Ribs with a side of Summer Squash


Order Up : Hickory smoked Ribs with a side of lightly buttered summer squash.

Today is a nice sunny day and Vons had a great deal on ribs so I wanted to surprise my Mom and Dad with my famous BBQ spice rub beef ribs, and my curiosity with smoking ribs came to try Smoking them with some Hickory wood chips(Thank you Georgia(Zach)..your passion and stories about your culinary adventures lead me to try something different) with a side of lightly buttered summer squash.

Could I of eaten them without vegetables..probably. But I’m really trying to add a balance of meat to vegetable ratio. I always tell my family and friends that Cheese is a vegetable. Its an inside joke but as I get older I really need to help out my body with some additional nutrients.

So lets try to add some veggies with some good old butter and salt and wa-la we both win this battle. After I finished this plate I did sneak one more rib…what??…They where way too tasty. You’ll see. Give it a try and then tell me you could only eat just two ribs.

When making the ribs I always cut the rack into separate ribs so that the spice rub gets on to every bite, and so that it is easier to cook. Once the temperature gets in between 400-410 I give each rib a turn on another side. Now I guess you could add some sauce to it if that is your thing. But my sister always says..a true sign of a pit-master is to have the best tasting rib without having to put any sauce on them.

After the meal is finished and your appetite is satisfied it’s time to say a short prayer to thank God. Thank you God for giving me sight to see your marvelous works, ears to hear the sweet sound of my loved ones, and a mouth to speak words that heal. Keep my heart filled with your love, and may I get another day to work in your honor.

Have a great day!

Mateo J

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