Oysters Rockefeller


Order Up : Oysters Rockefeller with fresh cut tomato slices.

Just put 5 tbs butter in a pan, with some chopped spinach, onion, green onion, celery, dash of wine, vinegar, paprika and some Cajan pepper. once the spinach starts to wilt place ingredients in a food processor with 6 table spoons of pinko break crumbs, salt and pepper to taste. Then plate and place in broiler for 5-10 minutes.

After the meal is finished and your appetite is satisfied, it’s time to say a short prayer to thank God. Thank you God for a relaxing day. Sometimes we need time to reflect on the beauty that is around us and to enjoy the people in our daily life’s with out constant distractions. Bless our family and friends where ever they may be and keep them from harms way. To this we say…

Have a great day!

Mateo J

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