Bread & Cie Bakery / Cafe

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a bakery in San Diego that makes there bread with all natural ingredients, including organic flour and all natural bread starters rather than commercial yeast.  There name – Bread and Cie Bakery / Cafe.

One of the many things that makes them unique is that there bread is hand-formed, in the style of European artisan. This process of making bread has been done this way since 1994 in the neighborhood of Hillcrest in San Diego, and for the ultimate bread connoisseur it is made without any preservatives.

Below are some of there breads that I had a chance to photograph and taste. This weekend I will add some more photos of how I prepared tasty snacks and sandwiches with them.

My strong recommendation is to visit them today and try out there baked goods, and pastries. Here is there address and website information.

350 University Avenue San Diego, CA 92103
(Hillcrest, between 3rd & 4th Avenue)

Seedy Multi-Grain – Full Loaf

Seedy Multi-Grain – Sliced Loaf

Tasting – The Seedy Multi-Grain was delicious! I took the sliced bread and decided to put some bruschetta on top. Each bite tasted absolutely wonderful!

Rosemary and Olive Oil – Full Loaf

Rosemary and Olive Oil – Sliced Loaf

Tasting – In the evening I made some homemade almond pesto to put on top of the Rosemary and Olive oil bread. Sliced some thick tomato slices with fresh mozzarella and a sprinkle of salt and olive oil that made for a divine afternoon snack.

Seedy Sourdough – Full Loaf

Seedy Sourdough – Sliced Loaf

Tasting – After the photo shoot was over I dipped the sliced Seedy Sourdough in the cup of coffee and relaxed to another great tasting bread.

Group Basket Shot

Still Photographer – Matthew James Roybal
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