Smoked Apple wood Salmon


Order Up : Smoked apple wood Salmon on broccoli and onion infused Spanish rice.

Well my smoker died (I found that out when it popped the breaker on the house) and I had to resort to using the BBQ which actually did a fabulous job with time efficiency and concentrated apple wood flavoring.

Lets talk about smoking chips in the BBQ. I grabbed about two feet of tin foil and folded on its self so that it had two layers to make a small boat. then I filled it up about half way and placed it on the back burner of the BBQ. Set the flame to med-high so that it would get the chips nice and smokey. Once they are ready kick down the heat to medium for a nice 20 min burn.

The fish was also set into foil boats so that they could cook in the maple brown sugar juice. I would say you will need to put enough juice so that the fish is 1/3 submerged in the juice. Set these on the front burner and set the flame to low so that you don’t over cook the fish. P.S. be cautious when opening the lid..the smoke will hit your face and sting your eyes if your not careful. In about 20 minutes your fish should be ready. Now time for the rice.

I was watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain – No reservations when he went to Rio and saw this brocolli infused rice that looked so yummy I thought to myself if they could do it so can I. Well so I thought…I may have been a little to ambitious on this dish so that is the reason for the rice to have a light dash of cinnamon, cumin, cardamon, ginger, and clove powder. In the end I fixed the flavor but I will try again in a few weeks. Until next time enjoy an absolute divine piece of haven!

After the meal is finished and your appetite is satisfied it’s time to say a short prayer to thank God. Thank you God for the technology and time to try something new in this world. May my experiences bring happiness to others and may families of the world get back to the dinner table to share there life’s joy.

Have a great day!
Mateo J

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