Smoked Lamb with a Cranberry Brussels Sprout Salad


Order Up : Smoked Lamb with a Cranberry Brussels Sprout Salad

The other day my Dad was talking about how much he detested the flavor of lamb. He said the flavor was too gamey. I retorted telling him that I could make him some lamb that was so delicious he would forget all about his predisposition to lamb. So the bet was on and off I went into my spice bag to find the best flavors to get the taste buds going.

First lets start by prepping the meat. I blot the lamb with a paper towel to get off the excess blood and start with a spice rub. Once nicely coated you will need to place in a plastic bag with a heavy drizzle of olive oil and set in the fridge for a few hours(make sure to take out all the air in the bag).

While the meat is getting marinated dice your Brussels Sprouts in to quarters. Heat up your pan on med to low heat. place your almonds in the pan to toast for a few minutes. Once they are ready take them out and place some bacon to sizzle. remove the bacon when its crispy brown and keep some of the fat in the pan. Now place 3/4 of a cube of butter and then toss in the Brussels to get lightly cooked. At this point you can season it with salt, pepper, some cranberries and the rest of the bacon bits. I left out the bacon bits, but you can add them in if you want to get rid of the bitter taste of the sprouts.

I also like to grill my lemon to give the juice a sweet zing.

When you cook your lamb on the BBQ it helps to squeeze some lemon juice on top of the lamb before turning it to wash away the gamey flavor. 10-13 minutes till its done.

Now just plate and before serving drizzle a little bit of olive oil on the meat and a small pinch of salt.

After the meal is finished and your appetite is satisfied, it’s time to say a short prayer to thank God. Thank you God for giving me what I need, and not what I want. Lead me from the evil temptress called bacon(which is my utter weakness), and the gluttony of over indulging in all worldly things that do not give praise to your name. In this we say…

Have a great day!

Mateo J

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